Our mission at is to provide personalized tax and financial services for those with employee stock options, restricted stock units (RSUs) and other equity compensation. Our team includes experienced wealth managers, Enrolled Agents and attorneys.

We strive to ensure that each client gets reliable and timely service, including the following:

Stock Option Analysis: Options can represent your biggest financial asset. So this is why we use sophisticated software that helps to maximize the value of your transactions, such as option exercises and sales of stock.

Taxes: There are many complicated forms to deal with when you exercise an option and sell shares (such as the alternative minimum tax). We can certainly help with all of them. What’s more, we take a proactive approach to taxes, finding the ways to get all the benefits available to you.

Wealth Management: We can construct your portfolio that is customized to achieve your goals. And since we are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we do not have conflicts of interest when recommending proprietary investments.